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A food-obsessed travel blog.
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  • 12/01/15--20:31: One Day in Mandalay
  • There’s something about the word Mandalay that made me want to go to the city before I knew anything about it.  Man-da-lay.  The sound of it, the way it rolls off the tongue. I pictured a lazy river town, blanketed in rolling fog, with men steering Burmese-style gondolas against the background of mossy-green mountains. A painting […]

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    When I moved to Shanghai, I lived across the hall from a very superstitious man. Red cardboard cutouts of horses decorated his doorway, red underwear hung from his balcony, and it seemed he had enough fireworks to launch a full-scale pyrotechnics show for even the tiniest occasion. But I had no idea what any of […]

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    Last year, I had the opportunity to explore Shanghai by night, with food tour company, UnTour (post here). We spent more than three hours gorging ourselves with noodles, soups, a variety of meats, root vegetables, crayfish, scallops, fruit puddings, and anything we could find, served on a stick. The guides took us through the history of […]

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    First, I apologize for posting an article about an ice festival just one week before April, but I’ve been busy. Actually, I’m still busy. So this is why you’re getting a photo essay. But before I dump my SD card on you, here’s some background: The Harbin Ice Festival has been going on annually for about 17 […]

    The post Harbin Ice Festival: A Photo Essay appeared first on Adventurous Appetite.

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  • 05/11/16--22:52: Bali: A Week in Pictures
  • When I was a little girl, I used to sit in front of my parents’ TV for hours, singing along to Rodgers and Hammerstein’s South Pacific. “Bali Ha’i may call you, Any night, any day, In your heart, you’ll hear it call you: Come away…Come away.” This siren song, while technically not about the idyllic Indonesian island of Bali, […]

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  • 10/19/16--02:09: Pumpkin Ricotta Phyllo Tart
  • I made this. From scratch. I am so freaking proud of myself, I want to post this everywhere. It’s what I’m calling a “pumpkin ricotta phyllo tart,” but it should be called “the miraculous outcome of mixing and baking a hodgepodge of ingredients.” A few weeks ago, I was selected to participate in Shanghai online grocer […]

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    When I was little, my favorite movie was “Big Bird Goes to China.” I must have watched it several dozen times, because I can still recite a song the giant yellow bird sings about learning Chinese. Serious props to my parents for dealing with that. I loved the movie not only because of my obsession with […]

    The post Camping on the Great Wall of China appeared first on Adventurous Appetite.

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  • 12/10/16--22:30: Video: 2 Weeks in Croatia
  • Winter has arrived in Shanghai, and even while I’m typing this (indoors), I’m wearing a scarf and fuzzy slippers. So naturally, I’m thinking of warmer places and warmer times, like this summer. For six weeks, Luke and I traveled around Croatia, Italy and Slovenia, eating pizza, lots of gelato, and kicking back in the beautiful nature […]

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    I like blaming my 30’s for a lot of things: the fine lines appearing under my eyes, the two-day hangovers, and the inability to lose weight the way I did in my 20’s.  And while I don’t have too much control over the first problem (let’s be honest, eye cream is just overpriced moisturizer), I […]

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  • 02/17/17--02:16: A Look Back at 2016
  • Who does a “year in review” post in the middle of February? Apparently I do. And I’m not going to apologize for it, because one of my New Year’s resolutions is to stop feeling so guilty for things I shouldn’t feel guilty about. Plus, this is my blog and I can do what I want. […]

    The post A Look Back at 2016 appeared first on Adventurous Appetite.